Sweet Retreat

Brand Identity and Social Media

Sweet Retreat, 2018

Group Collaborators: Brendan DeGasperis, Monica Baran, and Jocelyn Snider


Collaborating with a group of peers to create and design a B2C company. Finding a common interest and developing a strategy to succeed. Required key brand touchpoints involved developing a business plan, eCommerce shopping experience, and developing a marketing strategy. All deliverables were equally divided across the group.

Brainstorming & SWOT Analysis

Research & Brainstorming

To create, develop, and design the required components the group looked at Design Thinking, IBM Design Thinking, eCommerce, Business, and 6 Universal Experiences. Since the group had varying illustration skills Memphis Design was used as it could be easily adapted across all brand touchpoints. This would help keep the brand cohesive.

Interested in marketing, I decided to explore social media to promote our brand, chocolate, candy, and sticker products. Areas of exploration involved social media marketing, viral and teaser campaigns, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social.

Social Media Metrics

What is Sweet Retreat?

Sweet Retreat offers fun and engaging products that range from chocolates to candies with consumers having the option of collecting stickers. Products are shipped within Canada and other countries at a click of a button on the eCommerce Website or through a nifty app.


Original Slide Deck Presented in 2018

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