Ontario Transit

Designing a universal transit system for Ontario with regards to branding, environmental design, and LED inspired digital wayfinding signage.

My Role: Designer
Date: August 2018


Currently half the world's population is living in urban areas and its supposed to increase significantly by 2050. This project addresses the current public transportation system in Ontario and improving the wayfinding and environment to meet AODA and Universal Design Principle standards.

Understanding the Problem


A case study was done to identify the current practices and guidelines for accessible design of transportation by looking at the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Modern society is facing an increasingly significant issue when it comes to urbanization. As the population increases the built environment and access to essential facilities and services may not be as supportive in the means of providing access to all and not sympathetic to the needs of vulnerable groups that include the elderly and individuals with various disabilities. To address this concern, barrier-free design and the seven principles of universal design will be used in this project to prepare for a better solution.

Summary of Key Findings:

  • Secondary & Quantitative Research

    • Global Transportation Systems - United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong

  • Brainstorming​

  • Visual Exploration

Understanding the People

Target Audience

The target audience covers everyone (Barrier-Free) from 15 years of age and older. It includes those with accessibility needs, the elderly, and people with learning disabilities. The location is focused in Ontario Canada with those traveling between cities, suburbs to city, rural to city, and rural to suburbs. Majority will use public transportation to get to key areas such as work, school, medical appointments, pharmacies, shopping centers, events, family, and friends. Focus is on those who daily commute and make regular trips, travel on short notice, travel short to long distances, go places they can’t reach otherwise by walking or biking, and transporting large parcels.


  • Target Audience

  • User Persona

Finding the Solution


The final solution was to unify all public transit systems under one brand system called Ontario Transit Authority. This brand name would encompass all pre-existing public transit systems and new routes. The focus is on Ontario and the name takes action with the icon symbolizing direction.

A wayfinding system was also created to increase brand awareness and give a universal look throughout Ontario. Six distinct signs were created: electronic with multiple bus routes, static with multiple bus routes, sing bus sign, electronic terminal wall mount, terminal hanging sign, and static terminal wall mount. 

The digital signs use LED lights and sound to convey transportation information. The material used is a thick recycled plastic to help protect the terminal from natural elements and aid in sustainability efforts. The terminals are powered by a solar electric system since LED lights don't take much to power up. 


  • Brand Identity

  • Environmental Design Components

  • Wayfinding System: Static & Digital Signage

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