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Smartwatch OS

Finding innovative solutions to incorporate reusable materials into a product that mostly uses high-end and rare-earth virgin materials. These materials include minerals, plastics, metals, and fabrics.

My Role: Designer

Date: August 2019


Four companies were considered for the global brand merger project: Fairphone (repair, conflict-free modular parts, and android mobile device), Humism (kinetic charging), Parley for the Oceans (plastics, metals, and fabrics), and CLEARLED (clear LED screens used for the display). Singapore (Humism) and Netherlands (Fairphone and Parley for the Oceans) were the initial markets researched. Smartwatch OS design used elements taken from Apple Smartwatch OS and Material Design while still maintaining a unique look and connection to the ocean (sustainability and eco-friendly aspect).

Target Audience

The target audience are female & males ranging from 16 to 39 years old living in Canada, Netherlands, or Singapore.

Final Solution

Producing a unique smartwatch that focuses on sustainability and reduction on environmental waste. Each band on the watch will be exclusive to that watch and there will be some features such as the faceplate that will be the same.


Smartwatch features include a new smartwatch OS, recycled material such as ocean plastics, kinetic energy to keep the watch charged longer, and easily upgradeable making it super durable.

WatchOS Walkthrough

Select any of the screens to start the walkthrough video.

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