KIT. Interactive App

This app is designed to keep people in touch, utilize services, attend workshops, and to pair user with others based on complimentary skills. 

My Role: Designer
Date: August 2019


Entrepreneurs are interested in networking with people from different trades. Looking for a means to gather information and resources that can be easily accessed when needed through a mobile device.


Understanding the Problem


Research involved looking at common interface patterns, IBM Watson, near field communications (NFC), and four companies that offer digital rolodexes. Companies included: CardMunch, Evernote Hello, FullContact, and Circles. The target audience leans towards small businesses and associations such as Ontario Home Builders' Association (OHBA). They have 4,000 members in 29 local associations throughout Ontario. Currently, they use an online directory found on the OHBA website.


  • Secondary & Quantitative Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Brainstorming

  • Visual Exploration

Understanding the People

Target Audience

The target audience can be broken down into demographics, geographic, behaviour, and psychographics. The demographics of the app would be entrepreneurs/ small businesses and associations (a collection of small businesses) that have limited money to spend and sell a mix of products and services. Geographically the app can be purchased and used locally or even on a global level. Starting businesses are looking to build their networks, while older businesses may look to improve and grow their businesses through networking. Businesses that are concerned with networking, keeping track of their connections, looking for an easy way to store information digitally, want to avoid social messaging that comes with LinkedIn, and looking to exchange goods and services with other businesses.


  • Target Audience

  • User Persona

Finding the Solution


This is a multiscreen networking app targeted towards small businesses to large associations. 

It uses several UI patterns such as list inlays, fat rows, and setting editor to sort out information. The look and feel leans towards material design by expanding on card motifs. Users can add contacts via Near Field Communications (NFC) or visual recognition (only if they are on the app).


  • Brand Identity

  • User Testing - Observation

  • XD, Wireframe, Design, Prototype

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