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Circle Community Food Coop

Research unearthed the challenges, ambitions, and constraints regarding societies lost connection to food sources and community. To understand this loss, this project explores and examines family convenience, globalization of food sources, and food cost and security.

My Role: Designer

Date: August 2019

Community, Restaurant, and Garden Proposal

The proposed business would bring three concepts together onto one property. This property would act as a "community hub" by bringing the community together to learn and access healthy local food.

Community  - Bringing People Together

Restaurant - Sustainable Affordable Food

Garden - Learning Where Food Comes From

Together they create the Community Hub


Target Audience

This project focused on 19-39 year old, both male and female, single to couples, and from small to large young families. Users are geographically located in the Waterloo Region specially the Uptown Waterloo area.

Final Solution

Building a brand identity, website, and a business plan with startup costs.

Experience the "Circle Mobile Prototype" created in XD.

Read the "Circle Community Food Coop Business Plan 2019"

Read the full thesis paper "Food Brings People Together" on Medium.

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