Circle Community Food Coop

In this project, I created a business plan and website for Circle Community Food Coop. The business plan outlines entirety of the business, the services, and startup costs. The website was designed to be used as a database that stores information that the members of the community can access, point of purchase for food boxes,event tracking, and coop membership.

My Role: Designer
Date: August 2019


Research unearthed the challenges, ambitions, and constraints regarding societies lost connection to food sources and community. To understand this loss, this project explores and examines family convenience, globalization of food sources, and food cost and security.

Understanding the Problem


Extensive research explores family convenience, globalization of food sources, and food cost and security. Secondary research gathered information and studies on family structure, standardized global foods, cultural foods, half-baked globalization, gene editing, GMO, organics, healthy eating patterns, and the updated Canadian Food Guide. Research attained helped construct a better understanding of the challenges, ambitions, and constraints that fall under food, food sources, and community togetherness.


  • Secondary & Quantitative Research

  • Market Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Brainstorming

  • Visual Exploration

Understanding the People

Target Audience

This project focuses on 19-39 year old, both male and female, single to couples, and from small to large young families. Users are geographically located in the Waterloo Region specially the Uptown Waterloo area. In this area, users live in high-rise apartments with little to no access to land to grow a kitchen garden. They are part-full time workers, night to continental shift workers, working local and potential commuters that support their families. Users want to eat healthy, connect with family and community members, and improve their quality of life.


  • Target Audience

  • User Persona

Finding the Solution


The final portion of this project involved multiple deliverables such as the brand identity, website, and a business plan with startup costs. The concept of this project evolved and became massive involving several concepts (marketplace, community garden, and cafe) pulled together to make Circle Community Food Coop. This business would have a physical brick and mortar location with community members using the website for information, membership, and to purchase product. Products purchased included community membership (incl. free entry to events and discounts), garden space rental, food boxes, and meal plans. The website became a massive component which started to develop into a hub of information and resources for community members to pull from. Hypothetically situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Circle Community Food Coop was posed as having a unique selling proposition with having all 3 concepts on the same property.


  • Brand Identity

  • Business Plan with Startup Costs

  • User Testing - Observation and Interviews

  • XD, Wireframe, Design, Prototype

  • Copywriting

Key Takeaways

This project was the longest one that I've worked on spanning from January to August 2019. It required continued, and at times renewed, dedication from the written component to the actual design deliverables. In reflection, I learned a several valuable lessons such as being reasonable and realistic when it comes to deciding deliverables, listening to feedback from my peers, planning for user testing, and setting limits for exploring secondary research.

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